Top Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ

Choosing a DJ for your wedding can be stressful, the music they play sets the tone for the entire event. If you want music that fits your and your partner’s style, gets your guests on the dance floor and creates a memorable night, here are the top questions to ask your wedding DJ. 

Male DJ taking a selfie with guests dancing behind him

What is your experience as a wedding DJ? 

Our company has been DJing over 150 weddings a year for the past 5 years. We only pick the best local DJs and they must be able to rock a dance floor while staying true to the client’s requests. All of our award-winning DJs have professional experience in weddings, nightclubs, and everything in between.

Can you provide references or testimonials from past clients? 

It is important to know that your DJ has positive reviews from past clients to ensure that they are experienced and well-liked in the wedding industry. Over the years, we have been awarded multiple Best of Wedding Awards by The Knot, Pittsburgh Magazine, Thumbtack, and Yelp. We are also very proud that we have been able to maintain a 5-star review Status on Google since we started our business. 

The Knot: Best of Weddings 2022 Award

Music Selection and Customization Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ:

Do you mix or blend songs together throughout the night?

Absolutely! This is a major component of being a professional DJ and keeping the energy up on the dance floor! Be sure to ask any DJ that you are considering if this is something that they do because not many Wedding DJs in the Pittsburgh area are skilled enough to do this.

Do you have a wide range of music in your collection? 

All of our DJs have thousands of songs in our library in all different genres. We also have them downloaded to our actual computers. That means that we don’t need to be connected to wifi to be able to play them. We also only play the clean versions of all songs at any wedding that we DJ.

How do you handle song requests from the couple and guests? 

wedding guests dancing on the dance floor of a banquet hall

We love taking requests from the crowd! In our experience, it is usually the people on the dancefloor that give requests and it helps me know which vibe they are looking for. A lot of current and potential clients ask us….How do we handle getting a bad request or something that might kill the dancefloor? We will be nice to the person and just tell them that probably isn’t going to fit in well tonight. Or just tell them that unfortunately, we don’t have that song in our library.

Can you create a do-not-play list based on our preferences? 

Yes absolutely! We have a do not play section in our planning documents. It seems like most couples usually have a couple of songs that they just can’t stand for some reason. Be sure to let us know what those are and we will not play them at your reception.

Equipment and Setup Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ: 

Do you have wireless microphones for speeches and announcements? 

Yes, we bring a minimum of 2 wireless microphones to all of our receptions and will coordinate with anyone giving any speeches throughout the night to make sure they know the best practices for talking on the mic.

male DJ speaking into microphone at the DJ booth

Do you bring subwoofers to every wedding?

This is an important question that most people probably don’t ask enough. We do bring subwoofers to all of our weddings and include that in our pricing structure. Most other DJ companies do not bring subwoofers with them to their weddings and will charge you extra if you want them. Be sure to ask any DJ that you are considering about this because any music is going to sound better with more bass! 

Do you provide speakers and microphones for the Ceremony?

Most couples these days get married at the same location that their reception is at and will pay us to set up the speakers and mics for the ceremony. We do have an additional set-up fee if your ceremony is in a separate location from where your reception is for setting up in that second location.

The only time our clients might not use us is if they have some sort of live music for the ceremony like a violinist. However, if you have a live musician who wants to use our speakers to amplify their instrument or sing during your ceremony, we can accommodate that! 

How much time do you need to set up and take down your equipment? 

On average, we arrive 2 hours early to set up for a wedding reception but it can be earlier if the venue is more challenging to load in and out of. Most of the time we keep in touch with the venue to let them know what time we are planning on arriving and how long it will take us to tear down.

male DJ standing at DJ booth

Logistics and Pricing Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ: 

Why isn’t your pricing listed on your website?

We don’t list our pricing on our website because we price out each wedding individually based on the date, location, and your needs. We offer substantial discounts for non-peak season weddings and Friday or Sunday weddings. On the flip side, our pricing is a little higher during the busy season. Listing a generic price on our website wouldn’t be accurate for every potential client.

We are blessed to be able to do what we love and make a full-time living from DJing Weddings and Events, so we want to book as many clients as possible! Because of this, we prefer to have a phone call with potential clients to learn more about their exact needs and provide them with the best possible price we can offer. On top of that, everyone’s budget is different and we like to learn more about your budget so we can be sure to give you a price that is as close to your budget as possible. 

Contact us today so we can give you a customized price quote to get you our best possible price and give you more information on why we are the most popular Wedding DJs in Pittsburgh, PA!

What is your pricing structure and what does it include? 

Most other DJ companies offer a “good, better, best” pricing structure and will try to push you into their best package even though it may include a bunch of things that you might not want or need. They will make it sound like the best package gives you the most bang for your buck, just to inflate the total price they charge you.  

At Premier Wedding DJs, we price each wedding individually. We use an itemized price list, which allows our clients to choose and only pay for the items and services that they want. Most of our clients tell us that this makes our pricing structure less confusing and more affordable.

lighted DJ table

Do you require a deposit and when is the final payment due? 

We typically require a 50% deposit when you decide that you want to book us. However, we are very flexible on this and set up any type of payment plan that will work best for you. Just let us know at the time of booking, and we can write that payment plan into the contract. We realize how expensive weddings can be these days and are happy to work with you to create a payment plan that works best for your needs.

Additional Service Questions To Ask Your Wedding DJ: 

Premier Wedding DJ lighted booth set up at wedding

Do you bring a DJ booth or just set your equipment up on a table?

Most other DJ companies just set their equipment up on a folding table with cords and cables everywhere, and this looks really sloppy. We bring a lighted DJ booth to all of our events. The image above shows an example of what that booth looks like. We have had many Wedding Planners in Pittsburgh compliment us on our lighted DJ booth and tell us how much better our setup looks than most other DJs that they have seen. This is a great question to ask any DJ that you are considering! 

What types of lighting do you offer?

We include dance floor lighting and a lighted DJ booth with all of our Weddings and Events. We have additional lighting options available at an additional charge including uplighting, cold spark fountains, and monogram lighting. Please visit the lighting tab on our website for photos and more information on these add-ons.

How many Weddings do you DJ each year?

At Premier Wedding DJs, Weddings are our specialty! Our company has been DJing over 150 Weddings a year for the past 10 years. Our company has become one of the most popular Wedding DJ Companies in Pittsburgh because we treat our clients like family and that shows in the reviews and awards that we have achieved. Serving the Greater Pittsburgh area, learn how we can make your wedding perfect!

Do you offer additional services such as Photobooths, Photography, and Videography? 

My wife Sam is a professional Photographer and Videographer, and we offer substantial discounts when you book us together! Check out her Photography website to view her portfolio.

four people, two women and two men, posing with props in the photo booth

You can also check her YouTube page to view our most recent Wedding Highlight Films. We also offer photo booth rentals for $750 when added to our DJ Services. The photo booth rental includes custom photo strips, hundreds of fun props, an online gallery with digital downloads, and unlimited use for the night! If you’d like some more info on our booths, feel free to check out our website at

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