Things To Consider When Looking For A Wedding DJ

Your big day is not too far away! However, there’s still something missing that might make or break the atmosphere of your wedding: music! This is where a looking for a wedding DJ enters the party. Choosing a wedding DJ that is best for you means that your reception will be a dance celebration that you’ll never forget. 

Let’s face it, it’s not easy to find the perfect DJ. Choosing a wedding DJ who fits your taste and can keep the dance floor full might be overwhelming. 

Do not worry, we’ll walk you through the specifics of choosing a wedding DJ who will get your guests dancing and make your big day memorable. 

Looking for a Wedding DJ:

What is their experience? 

Experience is one of the most crucial aspects to keep in mind. A run-of-the-mill DJ won’t cut it; you need someone well-versed in the art of wedding DJing. 

A professional wedding DJ will know exactly when to slow it down and when to rev things up, keeping your guests thoroughly captivated and entertained throughout the event. It is important to remember to check out their portfolio of successful weddings and ask for references or reviews from past clients. 

Looking for a wedding dj - wedding dj fist bumping bride while playing music

Do they have a good reputation?

It’s impossible to ignore reputation when looking for a wedding DJ. You need to make sure the DJ you hire is dependable, competent, and able to provide first-rate services. 

How do you assess their reputation? Ask your friends for recommendations and search online for reviews to get an idea of the DJ’s level of customer service.

What kind of music will they play?

You need a versatile DJ to play an eclectic mix of music genres that caters to your needs. Your ideal DJ should be able to strike the right chords and keep the dance floor packed throughout the event. Therefore, it’s essential to communicate your music preferences to your DJ and share a playlist of your all-time favorites. 

Moreover, consider your guests’ age and musical tastes and ensure the DJ is well-equipped to play music that resonates with everyone. A seasoned wedding DJ will be adept at crafting a playlist that blends the best of popular hits with some lesser-known tunes to keep the energy flowing and the spirits soaring. 

What kind of equipment do they have?

Before you hire a DJ, take some time to inquire about their equipment and how they maintain its quality. A professional DJ will take the time to set up their equipment meticulously and conduct sound checks before the event to ensure that everything is working perfectly. 

Looking for a wedding DJ with professional-grade equipment guarantees that your guests will enjoy the music and hear every sound and beat clearly without interruptions. 

Wedding dj equipment

What is their personality like? 

A music machine and a genuine people person are both things you want in a DJ. Look for someone who can liven up the event and make your guests feel welcome and happy. 

A good DJ should be able to communicate with the audience, judge the mood, and change the music to fit. They should also be outgoing, have a sense of humor, and be very good communicators. 

When interviewing prospective DJs, observe how they treat you and your fiancé. An energetic and personable DJ will contribute to making the event memorable.

Big crowd of people at a wedding dancing to music

What is their availability?

Availability is a significant factor to consider when looking for a wedding DJ. Finding a DJ who is available on your wedding day but is flexible and can work with your schedule is crucial. Booking a DJ early is recommended, especially if your wedding is during peak season, as they tend to book up quickly. Check their availability before hiring them to ensure they are free for the entire wedding. 

If you have specific requests, such as playing music during cocktail hour or the ceremony, discuss them with the DJ to guarantee they can accommodate your needs. Picking an available and adaptable DJ will help ensure that everything runs smoothly on your big day. 

How well do they communicate with you?

Communication is so important. You want a DJ who’s easy to talk to and responsive throughout the planning process. They should be quick to answer questions and keep you updated on your wedding playlist. Before hiring a DJ, make sure they’re cool with their preferred mode of communication.

Group of people dancing to music at a wedding

Make sure they have a solid contract.

Having a contract when hiring a wedding DJ is super important. It’s like a safety net for both you and the DJ. 

A good contract should spell out the DJ’s services, fees, payment plan, and cancellation policy, protecting both parties. It’s essential to understand all the terms before signing it. 

If there’s anything you need help understanding or have any concerns, feel free to ask the DJ to explain it to you. A professional DJ will have a clear and detailed contract that will ensure no misunderstandings or disputes, giving you peace of mind on your wedding day.

End Note: 

Picking the right wedding DJ is a big deal, and giving it a lot of thought is essential. You want to be looking for a wedding DJ with the skills, reputation, music choices, gear, vibe, and schedule that work for you. Make sure to research and meet with potential DJs to get a feel for their style and personality. When you find the perfect match, you’ll be able to create a wedding celebration that everyone will remember fondly for years to come!

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5 Reasons Why You Need A Photo Booth At Your Pittsburgh Wedding

Creating lasting memories and capturing special moments is a huge part of your wedding day. Photographs and videos are great mementos that allow you to reminisce on the big event, however having a photo booth can add some extra fun and excitement for your guests. Here are five reasons why you should have a photo booth at your Pittsburgh wedding. 

Reasons Why You Need A Photo Booth At Your Pittsburgh Wedding: 

01. Guest Interaction and Connection

Your wedding is a celebration with all the closest people in your life, but how do you keep them engaged and interacting? Maybe some of your guests don’t know each other too well and they need to break the ice. 

Having a photo booth at your Pittsburgh wedding encourages your guests to mingle and interact! With fun props and displays a photo booth is sure to engage your guests and spark their creativity. 

02. Keepsakes for Guests 

Another reason why you would need a photo booth at your Pittsburgh wedding is that they make great keepsakes. Professional wedding photos are great keepsakes for you and your partner to look back on and remember your special day. 

However, it can take time to share and allow your guests to view photos that they were in and a photo booth makes that process easier. When guests take pictures in the photo booth, they will immediately have access to the photos they took. These pictures will provide guests with their keepsakes to hold on to and remember the event. 

Friends posing with items for photo booth at your Pittsburgh wedding

03. Capturing Candid Moments 

Photo booths are perfect for capturing spontaneous moments. Traditional photography can sometimes feel posed or staged, whereas photo booths provide candid and often funny pictures of you and your loved ones. These pictures can showcase your guest’s genuine laughter, or simply them just letting loose and showing their true selves.

04. Entertainment and Enhancement 

Similar to a dance floor, the photo booth area provides a designated space at your wedding for fun and entertainment. For guests who prefer not to dance or are unable to, they can still get in on the fun with the additional activity. 

Having a photo booth at your Pittsburgh wedding is a great addition because it enhances the atmosphere of your wedding, adding a unique element to your venue. 

Friends in a photo booth taking pictures

05. Cherished Memories 

You can keep your photo booth pictures as cherished memories in many ways. 

Guestbook Alternative: 

Instead of a traditional guest book with signatures and names, allow your guests to place a photo taken in the booth next to their name in the guestbook. You could have them place just the pictures or write a message next to them as well. Then, you can look back and see how much fun each of your loved ones was having on your big day. 

Sharing on Social Media: 

Creating a custom wedding hashtag for you and your guests to utilize is a fun way to share all your photos in one place. Encourage your guests to use the hashtag when they post pictures from your wedding to social media

Photo Booth Album: 

If you like to look back at pictures and reminisce about special events, collecting all the photos from the booth and putting them in an album is a great way to do so. You can then look back and flip through the album whenever you want to revisit the joy and happiness of that day. 

Friends posing for pictures in photo booth

End Note: 

Overall, a photo booth at your Pittsburgh wedding is a great addition to your wedding day. The activity will engage your guests, provide entertainment, and enhance your venue. In the end, you and your guests will have lasting keepsakes and memories to look back on from your special day. 

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