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Props You Need

Photo Booth Props

Creating a picture-perfect wedding involves more than just elegant attire and stunning decorations; it’s about adding a dash of fun and personality to make your special day truly memorable. Enter wedding photo booth props! Keep reading to learn which props you need for your wedding!


Glasses & Hats

Fill your prop box with silly glasses, hats, masks, and wigs so guests can show off their humorous side.  These props always lead to laughs and lighter moments captured on film.

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Bride & Groom Themed Props

You gotta have some “Mr.” and “Mrs.” props for your photo booth – they’re a must! Personalized props for the bride and groom give your guests a way to celebrate the two of you as you start your married life together.

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Themed Props Based on the Wedding Theme

Think of your props as the perfect outfit for your event theme or season—they amp up your style. So, toss in some  cowboy hats, bandanas, and toy pitchforks if you’re aiming for a rustic barn. Customize them to your theme!

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Interactive Props

Props are the perfect way to connect your guests and make memories together! Think customizable chalkboard signs or speech bubbles on sticks. Props like these spark those personal, heartfelt moments the couple will never forget.


Seasonal and Cultural Props

Match your prop selection to the season or culture of your wedding. Winter weddings could include silly string, Nerf blasters, and snowflake props. Opt for sunglasses, leis, and inflatable beach balls for summer beach weddings.

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