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Wedding Trends

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Get ready for some seriously fresh wedding vibes in 2024! These trends are all about personalized details, unique touches, new tech twists, and more.

Read more to explore the hot trends ready to sweep the wedding scene this year!


Trendy Lighting

This year, colors are bold choices, trendy lighting is setting the mood, and maximalism is ruling the scene with vibrant colors, patterns, and styles. Couples are embracing LED lighting and projection mapping.

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Personalized Playlists

Imagine looking back on your big day with your perfect soundtrack playing in your memories. That’s  the magic of personalized playlists! People are customizing ceremony music, cocktail hour playlist, and reception music.

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Interactive Wedding Entertainment

Couples are turning their receptions into an unforgettable experience with photo booths that instantly share digital memories with guests. Photo booths make amazing memory keepsakes!

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Sustainability in Wedding Fashion

Sustainable wedding fashion will also rule 2024! With choices of recycled fabrics, vintage finds, zero-waste pattern cutting, and natural textiles, every eco-conscious bride can feel good about ‘saying yes to the dress.’


Outdoor Wedding Venues

Nature is the new hottest wedding venue in 2024! Picture walking down the aisle under twinkling stars or getting your groove in lush gardens. Outdoor venues like vineyards, farms, and parks are becoming more popular.

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